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Wendelin Consulting Group, Inc. can help in more ways than you may realize ... we have a good mix of technically-skilled and business-savy consultants.

Professional Development - Helping Teachers Integrate Technology Into Their Classrooms

WenGroup Learn, a division of Wendelin Consulting Group, Inc. (WCG), provides professional development aimed at improving and increasing the integration of technology by your teachers as part of their everyday instruction — we're teaching teachers the skills to put technology to work for the benefit of themselves, their classroom and their students.

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IT Solutions for Your School, Organization or Business...

Administrative Tasks

Project management
Process management
Work flow management
Oversee entire support function
Participate in administrators' meetings
Oversee technology budget
Long term planning
Lifecycle management
Problem resolution
Data preservation policy
Construction consultation
E-Rate administration
Technology plan facilitation
Infrastructure and Internet connections
Internet content filtering policies
One to one computing issues

Technical Tasks

Computer repair
Network maintenance and configuration
Software installation and maintenance
New computer roll-out
Internet service provider changes
1st level technical support
Basic skills training
Computer cleaning and set up
Wire management
Software support
Server Administration and installation
Summer computer clean up crew
Firewall configuration
Internet content filter configuration
DNS management and planning



IT Solutions For Your Home

Our professional, courteous and technically-skilled consultants are ready to help you tackle your technology — from new hardware set up to diagnosis and repair of your device. You can rest easy knowing your home technology is in capable hands and we'll work quickly and efficiently to solve your IT needs. Call 309.510.5966 or email for assistance.

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Technically-skilled & Business-savy Consultants

We have been providing services to area schools, government agencies, and businesses
since 2003 with technically-skilled and business-savy consultants.
Now trust us in your home for all your IT needs.

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