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Helping Teachers Integrate Technology Into Their Classrooms

WenGroup Learn, a division of Wendelin Consulting Group, Inc. (WCG), provides professional development aimed at improving and increasing the integration of technology by your teachers as part of their everyday instruction — we're teaching teachers the skills to put technology to work for the benefit of themselves, their classroom and their students.

When you're ready to begin training, WenGroup Learn will assess your district's needs, available technology, skill levels and timeline, and then design a training package specifically for your teachers and/or staff.

The Professional Development provided by WenGroup Learn is a research driven method of continuous improvement and assessment. The contract is meant to be an annual and ongoing as we strive to grow with you and your staff. Our offerings will vary year to year based on our assessments, data collection, and analysis of your district's staff.

Our Philosophy on Professional Development is that one-on-one trainings and one-on-few trainings are far more successful and effective than one-on-many trainings. We do not provide trainings designed for all staff or large group audiences.

All Professional Development trainings are done onsite at your school. Trainings may be purchased in packages of five or more days. Specific pricing will be provided for customized packages to meet your needs.

Among the topics and trainings offered by WenGroup Learn are:

Tier 1

G Suite for Education (from Google)
Variety of Web 2.0 Tools such as Moodle, Prezi, WordPress, and YouTube
Lego Lab
STEM Lessons
STEAM Lessons
Smartboard and iPad Integraion
Design of Specific Lessons and Concepts in Math and Reading
Design of Standard Based Report Cards
Coding in Education

Tier 2

IEP's and Assistive Technology
How to Fund Technology for Special Ed
PARCC and DLM Accessibility
Accessibility in General - voice to text, text to speech, eye gaze, alternate access
Videos and Video Modeling
Creating Visuals
Speech Devices

WCG Instructors

Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy pioneered the use of assistive technology in the Peoria area. As a special education teacher and administrator for the past 21 years, Tim has developed assistive technology programs and consulted with school district personnel and students across Central Illinois. He presents at conferences and workshops across the state on new and innovative ways to use technology in the classroom. Tim and his wife, Anne, stay busy at home with their six very active children. He believes that all students should have the tools they need to succeed and develop a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.


Steve Dare

Steve is a technology integrator and coordinator who has a concentration in Digital Teaching and Learning and has over a decade of experience integrating technology and education.





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