• RELAX RELAX You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing our skilled consultants are hard at work keeping your technology running smoothly.
  • VALUABLE ASSETS OUR MOST VALUABLE ASSETS Our staff is our most valuable asset. Our consultants are knowledgable, polite, and genuinely care about our clients.
  • SUPPORT SOLUTIONS SUPPORT SOLUTIONS We pride ourselves in designing support solutions that fit your organization's exact needs – no two service contracts are alike.
  • HELPING YOU IS HWAT WE DO HELPING YOU IS WHAT WE DO We treat our clients like family. We never talk down and no problem is too big or small. We are simply here to help you.

Why We Are

We are committed to providing exceptional service at a great price, bringing together technology and peace of mind.

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Things We Are
Good At

Not only do we tackle technology, we offer professional development to help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms.

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Our Most
Valuable Assets

Our consultants are professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and ready to help your school or business tackle tough technology issues.

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People Are

Ask any of our clients and you're sure to hear that we provide great service and are quick to respond when technology issues arise.

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Technology - it's what we do!

  Businesses, Organizations, Schools
  Mac, PC, Chromebooks, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets
  Professional Development for Teachers
  Project Management & Long Term Planning
  Technology Plan Facilitation
  Internet Content Filtering Policies
  Computer Repair and Cleaning
  Network Maintenance
  Software Installation
  New Computer Roll-out
  Firewall Configuration
  And that's not all!



WenGroup Learn Helps Teachers Integrate Technology Into Their Classrooms
WenGroup Home Specializes in IT Solutions For Your Home

Technically-skilled & Business-savy Consultants

We have been providing services to area schools, government agencies, and businesses
since 2003 with technically-skilled and business-savy consultants.
Now trust us in your home for all your IT needs.

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